13 Types of Bagels that You Will Love to Eat in 2023 – Guide

Isn’t it amazing how many different types of bagels there are? We all know about the classic black and white bagel, but did you know that there are many different flavors? These delicious bagels give a fascinating feel and texture and elevate the eating experience. To better understand this delicious savory, you need to know the types of toppings, and flavors bagels come with. 

In this article, we list the different bagels and the various toppings. Listed below are 13 different kinds of bagels. Try them to see what’s on your favorite bagel. There’s a bagel out there for everyone. You can enjoy different bagels for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Let’s have a bagel then.

What are Bagels | What are the different types of bagels?

Polish Jews are considered the ones who invented the bagel, a delicious savory food item. Traditional hand-shaped wheat doughnuts are made by boiling and baking hand-sized doughnuts made of yeasted wheat dough. 

The first Bagel was made in Vienna, Austria, in 1683 by a baker to celebrate the victory over the Turks. The Bagel symbolizes the cavalry charge led by King John III Sobieski of Poland. The Bagel made its way to North America in the twentieth century.

There are various types of bagels. The most popular is the toasted bagel, which comes in rye and wheat varieties. Recipes for toasted bagels can vary depending on the variety. Rye bagels tend to be lightly toasted; whole wheat bagels are less toasted and have a milder taste. Another type of bagel is the original one, which has a slightly crunchy exterior and subtle nutty taste.

The ring-shaped bread has been around for centuries. Its round shape makes it easy to string or stick for storage or transport. Other ancient versions include the Ciambelle, Taralli, and Girde Naan. 

The oldest known bagel-like treat may have originated from the ancient Egyptians. The bagel’s modern History dates to the middle to late 18th century, when Eastern European immigrants brought the bread to the United States. Historically, this bread was popular among Jewish immigrants in New York City.

The New York-style bagels are made with a combination of ingredients. Yeast, wheat flour, and honey create a dough-like product. There are varieties made with a variety of toppings and ingredients. 

Chocolate chip bagels are incredibly delicious, and chocolate lovers will love them. They are not only delicious, but everyone loves them. There are so many bagels available that it’s hard to decide which one to try.

In addition to the traditional plain variety, some varieties are not as nutritious. You can eat a plain bagel, but many people choose to add high-fat spreads or other foods. It increases the calorie count and is not a healthy option. If you’re a health-conscious person, you can choose a whole-grain or even a whole-grain bagel and still enjoy a delicious breakfast with minimal calories.

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13 kinds of bagels

You might not realize it, but there are over 13 kinds of bagels! Besides the classic rye, there are a variety of savory varieties as well. Try cinnamon and walnuts for a slightly sweeter taste. Cinnamon and walnuts have essential nutrients like calcium and iron and go well with cream cheese and jam.

Similarly, chocolate chip bagels with pecans add a dash of sweetness to the everyday bagel. Try one of these delicious varieties for a sweet breakfast. There are cinnamon cream cheese and apple bagels for those who prefer something different. Smoked salmon is served with cream cheese and dill, while an avocado, tomato, and onion sandwich is also an appealing choice. 

Cream cheese is the most popular spread for bagel sandwiches, so you can try some of your favorites on your bagel. There’s a bagel for everyone, whether you want it to be sweet or savory. Some of the most popular flavors will tantalize your taste buds.

The ingredients that make up a bagel are simple and include yeast and wheat flour. However, the flavor can differ significantly. Many varieties include flavors like lox, capers, or chocolate chips. 

It makes a bagel delicious for chocolate lovers. However, the traditional rye bagel will always remain a staple. There are more than 13 different varieties of bagels, and finding one that fits your taste is an absolute must.

Another favorite is the cream cheese variety, which contains a thick layer of cream and cheese inside. A savory cream cheese bagel is also a popular choice, but you’ll probably want to try this variety if you’re a cheese lover. 

The seeds added to the cream cheese bagels add a nutty note to the sandwich. A cream cheese bagel is found at different stores, where you can also try various kinds of cream cheese.

The list includes:

  1. Sesame Bagels
  2. Blueberry Bagels
  3. Cinnamon Raisin Bagels
  4. Onion Bagels 
  5. Everything Bagels
  6. Salt Bagels
  7. Egg Bagels
  8. Whole Wheat Bagels
  9. Garlic Bagels.
  10. Chocolate Chip Bagels
  11. Plain
  12. Pumpernickel Bagels
  13. Jalapeno

Black and White Bagel | Traditional Style Bagel

What are the benefits of the Black and White Bagel? One of its main benefits is that it’s healthy and delicious. It’s made from whole grains and uses whole wheat flour, healthier than white bread or plain bagels. 

Another benefit is buying more than one to create various variations of this classic breakfast food. We will show you how to create your perfect combination of black and white bagel flavors.

The Bagel Store is the source of the Black and White bagels. Last year, this New York City institution was behind the rainbow bagel craze, including Funfetti cream cheese. The Bagel Store also offers a Black and White truffle burger bagel. Its ability to handle the sweet and salty baked spectrum is unquestionable. Its unique flavor will leave you wanting more.

The popularity of the Bagel helped it become a staple of New York City’s breakfast menu. Today, the “bagel brunch” has become a trend. The breakfast item is topped with red onions, lox cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, and cream cheese.

Another unique characteristic of the Black and White Bagel is the addition of pumpernickel, which is an uncommon word. Pumpernickel is a Bavarian word meaning “hard” and describes the density of the bread. 

It is challenging to turn pumpernickel into flour, but the result is a Bagel with a distinctive flavor that is chewy and soft. If you like your Bagel with a twist, pumpernickel will surely be to your liking.

Unique Bagel Flavors

There are many delicious options available for bagel toppings. Many people opt for cream cheese, but peanut butter is also famous. Peanut butter is a delicious choice, available in many different flavors and textures. 

Fruit preserves and jelly are also delicious on bagels. Here are a few other options that may surprise you. Read on to discover the best way to top your bagels. And don’t forget to try a variety of them.

Blueberry Bagels

If you love blueberries and don’t mind eating fruit on your bread, you can get a bagel topped with blueberries. This flavor combination is delicious and an authentic bakery product. 

Be sure to ask your local bakery for these unique bagel flavors. It’s easy to find some that you’ll enjoy. However, don’t forget that you can find some less-healthy options but still delicious.

Cream Cheese

A classic topping, cream cheese enhances any bagel flavor. Cream cheese goes well with plain bagels, chocolate chip bagels, and whole-grain ones. Some bagel shops carry only one type of olive, but you can find a unique blend of Spanish green and Greek black olive. This spread is paired best with an everything bagel, and it’s delicious. Try out these unique bagels today.


Bagels come in all flavors, from sweet to savory. Just make sure to ask your local bakery if they offer garlic bagels. You may be surprised at what you find. The options are endless. However, remember that the unique bagels aren’t necessarily the most popular, so take some time to find those that appeal to you. Then you’ll be sure to find the right one for you.

Different Bagel Toppings

Various bagel toppings are a must-try whether you’re preparing a sweet or savory meal. From the classic McDonald’s bagel to low-fat cheese, you’re sure to find a combination that suits your taste buds. 

No matter what you choose, your bagel will surely be a hit. Listed below are some of the most famous bagel toppings. They’re a quick and convenient way to make your bagel memorable and delicious.

Cream cheese is probably the most common bagel topping in the U.S; it’s smooth, creamy, and tangy. In the nineteenth century, Philadelphia cream cheese was invented. Bacon, ham, onions, and scallions are also typical bagel toppings.

Cream cheese is the most versatile and creative bagel topping. You can try a combination of all of these toppings. Topping your bagel with cream cheese is an excellent idea for a special treat.

Those who want a healthy and nutritious bagel should stick with cream cheese. It is a popular choice for bagel toppings because it is quick, delicious, and healthy. 

Additionally, cream cheese can be flavored with a variety of other things. Some people like to add some hazelnut spread, while others enjoy putting a dollop of cream cheese on theirs.

You can also try Greek yogurt or even mashed avocado on your bagel. These two ingredients are pretty healthy and can be combined to create the perfect schmear. If you’re craving something savory, you can also try egg salad. 

It’s a simple way to enjoy a delicious bagel with a healthy vitamin C and potassium dose. One of the most common bagel toppings is cream cheese, which you can find at any grocery store.


What do you want more? The list of exciting and lavish types of bagels is here for you. We have written this piece for our readers to provide proper detail about the History and places different bagels are associated. Enjoy your bagel.