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India is a nation of elegance, sophistication, mystery, and excellence. All over and not only infamous sights, but the charm of the country is also combined. Yes, Taj Mahal, Kerala’s backwaters, Ladakh monasteries, and Mahabalipuram statues are Indian tourism icons. These are not the only places to add flavors to your holiday.


If you want the real experience, then it’s time to pick the path that is less traveled and to find hidden gems in nature. Even locals seek out beat destinations to escape pollutants, particularly during the festivals, with growing pollution.


Here in this article we spoke with many enthusiastic travelers and have consolidated for your next holiday the top 16 offbeat destinations in India.


  1. Khajjiar


Khajjiar is a romantic getaway spot in the laid-back area of Himachal Pradesh. The area is known as the Mini-Switzerland. There are many adventure activities in the area, but this is limited. This is the principal explanation why visitors ignore this hill station. Easy sports such as riding, paragliding, and others can be found. At the heart of the area is the natural beauty with its wilderness, hills, lakes, and more. You will enjoy a snow holiday when you visit in winter. Choose the summer to linger with honeymoon roses, exuberant foliage, etc.


  1. Pawna Lake


Pawna Lake is a lake full of flora and fauna. It is artificial. The reservoir was built in 1973 at Maval Taluka as a result of the building of Pavana Dam.

The lake is 60km from Pune (Kamshet road) and 120km from Mumbai (Lonavala road, Bhangarwada road). Due to Pawna Lake being near Lonavala Hill Station, tourists have flocked as an escapade from daily routine and towns of worldly life, alongside many other famous adventure getaways like Lohagad and Tung. On the way to Pune and Mumbai, Pawna lake, you can also glimpse green forests and fresh-air pockets that take you from daily life to exhaustion.


  1. Lonar Crater


You’re a science fiction fan? Would you like to visit the location where meteorites struck the earth 50,000 years ago causing the environmental change? Well, Buldana of Maharashtra must be reached. Now a saline lake is a crater created by the meteorite strike. This unusual setting houses many fascinating animals and unique histories. Each part of the area is special, beginning with the rock formations and wildlife species. India is full of many rare beauties of wildlife.


  1. Majuli


Assam is an exotic place, and this large river island is notable among Assam’s green paradise. This is the world’s largest river island and during your holidays at least once you should visit this exclusive destination. This island is a heritage site on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. Visit the island for a festive holiday, fascinating nature, and unparalleled cuisine.


  1. Yumthang Valley


Want an offbeat honeymoon destination? This is a great panoramic destination and a romantic one. Often known as the ‘flowers bowl.’ To spend a peaceful time, visit Zero Point, Pauhunri, and Shundu Tsenpa.


  1. Gurez Valley


With the amazing backdrops, surreal landscapes and mostly, fascinating nature, the valley is pretty stunning. You should go on a picnic and water activity on the river of this valley. Live closer to the local people to discover the land’s culture. Early in the morning, visit the hamlets, stroll through the deodar forests, or picnic on the riverbanks to get close to nature.


  1. Haflong


The town of Assam is a tiny hill town. More than two lakh species of flowering plants live in this city. You are therefore here for a colorful holiday. The name of the city is derived from the Haflong Lake within the city. There are numerous adventurous activities such as hiking, mountain rides, gliding, and many more in this area.


  1. Daringbadi


You know it is also called Daringbadi as the Odisha Kashmir? It’s quite deserted since this paradise isn’t known to visitors. The hill is full of coffee-gardens, pine forests, lush valleys, and wildflowers full of fragrance, and particularly mild snow. In this area, you can have a lovely and romantic holiday.


  1. Sandakphu


It is difficult to believe that Darjeeling is a destination offbeat in the romantic capital. Well, the main explanation is that this paradise is located. You must fly for a few hours from Darjeeling to reach this destination. This is the land of rafting and other water sports. Besides, all the fascinating clichés of hill stations can be found


  1. Ponmudi


The beauty of Western Ghats is located in this hill station in Kerala. These wonderful areas have the appeal of an iconic hill station with all the stereotypes. You can also discover here and there the tropical spice plants. Trek to the mountain to see flowers of mountains, wild butterflies, small springs, etc. If you visit this place in winter, you will get popular for authentic Ayurvedic treatments.


  1. Orchha


Orchha of Madhya Pradesh is forgotten today once a top tourist and trading place in ancient India. This is the land of ancient adventure structures and the pride of becoming the former crown city of Rajput. The lush vegetation and serene climate of Orchha are located on the Betwa River. The square has many monuments, palaces, and forts leftover from old rulers, temples, and other architectural sites. In this historic pilgrimage site, you can enjoy a slow pace holiday. Try to visit in the early monsoon season if you enjoy photography.


  1. Halebidu


This is one of the historical temple towns for historical lovers in Karnataka. This gem is ignored by famous neighbors such as Hampi, Aihole, and others in Southern India. This beautiful destination was the capital of the Hoysala Dynasty and today it contains numerous Jain temples and ruins. From Halebidu, to have an entire historic holiday, you can visit Belur and Shravanabelagola.


  1. Shekhawati


Are you on this holiday covering Rajasthan? The famous attractions like Jaipur, Udaipur, Ranthambore, Jaisalmer, and others you can protect. You’d like to visit the villages of the Rajasthan area if you’re looking for offbeat destinations, while the best part is Shekhawati, with many Havelis, ancient architecture, and other historical features. If you are searching for a holiday in sepia mode, Rajasthan is the place to stay.


  1. Shojha


Because of the fact that Himachal Pradesh has a small and big hill station, it’s invisible to visitors. This is a peaceful location in the heart of the wilderness of nature. The key part of this destination is serenity. There are old wooden temples, adventures such as fishing, hiking, trekking, etc. This is the land for those who are going to abandon the grid and live for a change with nature.


  1. Mawlynnong


East India as a whole is an offbeat location. Mawlynnong is one of that elegance you ought not to miss. The cleanest village on the continent is situated in Meghalaya. You will enjoy a cultural holiday during your stay in the village community. You can find plenty of natural wonders in this area starting from waterfalls to caves. This is the right place to visit India Tour packages while you are searching for a backpacking holiday.


  1. Ziro


Ziro is the most thrilling and pleasant among the beautiful places in Arunachal Pradesh. Ziro is renowned for its tourist trail, rich green wilderness, picturesque and peaceful hill areas, and the Apatanian tribe, rich in culture. This is the perfect location if you want a certain moment to rejuvenate. Get closer to local people for a colorful holiday and enjoy their culture.


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