5 Best Tips for choosing a beauty salon for your Wedding Makeup

Weddings are one of the most important days in any couple’s life and while the overwhelming arrangement can give any bride all the “butterflies and jitters” it is equally possible to blow away your groom with that official “first look.” “Bridal Makeup” artists and hairstylists play a huge role in curating your entire bridal makeup and can literally make or break the entire process.

Reasons like these are some of the many points on why it is extremely important to understand and do plenty of research before choosing the perfect artist or salon for your big day. 

Often, no professional licenses, certificates, degree, formal training, insurance, or experience is required to call someone a makeup artist. Unlike hairstyling, where an individual literally goes to a school to learn, someone who has a little makeup and brushes can easily call themselves a makeup artist. Sounds problematic, isn’t it? 

From unhygienic brushes, sponges, and applicators to cheap makeup products, something as sensitive as your skin can easily get damaged if the makeup is not properly. Choosing a salon based on your preferences, budget, taste, type, and more is important but so are their reviews, experience and professionalism. Let’s dive right into it and list some important “bridal makeup tips” before you choose a beauty salon for your wedding makeup. When searching for keywords like “best salon near me” opt for the Zoylee app to save your precious time and money. 


Share your vision with the MUA in person 

Are you thinking about the question “which type of makeup is best for bridal” then we have your back. Since it is going to be one of the most important days of your life it is always important to share your vision in detail with the makeup artist and not get carried away with trends and viral reels. Leaving the look entirely up to the makeup artist is not such a good idea either as your tastes might not match.

For example, you might want subtle nude makeup and she might want to experiment with bright bold colors. A makeup disaster is the last thing that you would want on your big day and hence it is always a good idea to walk into the salon and meet your makeup artist in person before making that hefty payment. 

 Don’t skip a makeup trial! 


If you are thinking about “how to choose bridal makeup” artists then we have the answer. It’s true that a trial might cost you a little more money than the usual, but if you are a newbie to the world of makeup, especially something as important as bridal makeup then it is absolutely important to go for a trial run.

Many salons offer this feature and it will be a smart move if you do happen to go for it. Always carry rough swatches/images of your bridal look to the trial in order to help the makeup artist and complement your look in a better way. 

Check if the salon is hygienic 

In current times it is almost become like a ritual to check the hygienic conditions of everything around us. Salons are also a big source of germ transmission due to the number of customers visiting them on a regular basis.

It is always a good idea to check if the working conditions, towels, sheets, products etc are all sanitized and fresh. This will make sure that you do not break out into last minute skin infections and rashes. 


Read reviews 

It is very important to read the reviews of previous clients, people who have already visited that particular salon and someone who has personally interacted with the makeup artist. With the booming social media applications like Instagram and Facebook, it is often very easy to pass up on any average or badly done makeup with the help of filters, post-production, and editing.

Go through their website apart from the social media handles in order to read real-time opinions of customers. If you visit any wedding and like the work of any particular bride then make sure to ask her about the overall personality and hospitability of the artist and salon. 


Check their work on social media 

Social Media has become a smart way to check out the work, packages, discounts, offers, and overall aesthetic of any salon. Do a thorough research and go through the entire page while saving the reference pictures which might grab your attention.

This will ensure that you get an overview of the kind of bridal makeup that is usually done over there. For example – Airbrush, HD, Manual etc. are some of the options which you might want to have a look at. This will save you a lot of time from last minute hassle, and confusion.



In conclusion, to make your big day stress free and filled with loving memories it is always a good option to talk and discuss every possible option with the salon and especially the makeup artist. We hope the beautiful brides to be are going to rock this upcoming wedding season!