African American Hairstyles For Men | Black Men Haircuts 2024

If you want to try African American hairstyles for men, you’ve come to the right place. You can use these ideas to create an original African hairstyle to show off to the world. If you’re unsure where to start, consider a professional’s advice. These styles can be challenging to execute without the right help.

This article discusses African American hairstyles for men, from Shaved styles to Undercuts to layered nappy textures. There are also ways to keep your hair looking its best no matter what you wear it. You’ll find out what works best for you.

Professional Black Male Hairstyles

Black men’s hairstyles come in many different forms. They can be short, medium, or long and are perfect for all occasions. Every event has a dress code, so black men’s hairstyles must match the event. Following are the swag hairstyles for black guys that you can wear to have an authentic African American hairstyle. 

Shaved Hairstyles

A shaved African American hairstyle is the perfect choice for an easygoing look. A full-shaved head is much easier to maintain than a messy, complicated black man’s hairstyle. Alternatively, a beard will frame the face in a flattering way. Shaved African American hairstyles for men will also suit any complexion. However, if you have sensitive skin, a beard might not be your style.

shaved African American hairstyle

High Fade Hair Style 

A high faded cut is a versatile hairstyle. The high fade will balance the shaved area with a curly top. Shaved hairstyles are a great way to accentuate natural hair color so that they are worn for several different occasions. A shaved circle haircut is an excellent choice for bold black men, and it will get you noticed.

African American Hairstyles For Men | Black Men Haircuts 2024

Low Fade Haircut Black Man

A low fade can be very symmetrical, which means you can still make a stylish statement. This style is excellent for men who want their hair to look neat but don’t want to go too extreme. For a low fade, you can opt for a taper fade. You have a long top part that transitions into a shaved area just over the ears in this style.

African American Hairstyles For Men | Black Men Haircuts 2024


An undercut offers a wide range of possibilities for black men. For example, it can enhance an afro by creating a contrasting effect between the head’s sides and bottom. The versatility of this style means that it is worn on both thin and thick hair, and it requires minimal maintenance. It also allows men to experiment with various colors and textures. It is a prevalent choice for young men.

Undercuts hair style for black men

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Curly Style

The curly style is also one of the most popular black men’s hairstyles, especially when combined with an undercut. It combines fade and spiky hairstyles, highlighting the jaw corners. This style is versatile and works well with a beard and stately taper fade. It is also stylish and an excellent choice for today’s urban men.

African American Hairstyles For Men | Black Men Haircuts 2024

Dreadlock Top

Another famous black man’s hairstyle with an undercut is a dreadlock top. This style looks fantastic with an undercut and can be shaped any way you choose. You can even try a fake hawk look if you’d like to look even more exotic. Consider using a stubble beard to complement the style for a stylish alternative. Once you’ve got a unique look, there are many ways to dress up your hair and make it stand out.

African American Hairstyles For Men | Black Men Haircuts 2024

Platinum Blonde Dye 

One option is to dye your hair platinum blonde. While you’re at it, go ahead and dye your beard. A high fade is also styled with a silver weave or curly top. A beard or other facial hair is also added for a stylish look. However, remember to leave the eyebrows alone and opt for a shorter hairstyle. So go bold and experiment with your hair.

Layered Nappy Texture

Black men with nappy texture hair can rock various styles, including the layered afro. This look is not typical of the layered afros that we see in magazines or on the Internet, but it can add a unique look to the man’s appearance. Nappy textures are thick, coarse, textured, and easily manipulated into exciting styles. Nappy men often wear a high-top fade, which is styled into a low-top fade.

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Black Man Bun

If you want a more masculine and edgy look, you can opt for a hairstyle that has a more casual appearance, such as a black man bun. You can achieve this look by shaving your back and sides and creating a visible border along your hairline. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can try adding a skin fade or a complex part.

African American Hairstyles For Men | Black Men Haircuts 2024


In African American hairstyles for men, cornrows are the staple style. These hairstyles originate from Africa and are a staple for most African Americans. Whether you want to keep your hair natural and untamed or add texture, cornrow braids are impressive in any shape and style. In addition to being low-maintenance, cornrows are versatile. You can quickly wear this style with a shaved side if you have a square face.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to go with the simple cornrows style. It is a low-maintenance style that’s a good choice for your first time. You can also switch up the design of your cornrows to create a unique look for yourself.

You can experiment with the number of cornrows you’re going to wear. You can choose a simple, symmetrical cornrow or a complex braided pattern. Microplaits are added to the braids to make them more striking. You can also choose a length that’s a perfect fit for your face and hair. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more exciting, you’ll find a cornrow style right for you.

Layered Afro Hairstyles

Layered afro hairstyles are an excellent option for men with long hair. Despite their versatility, these styles require some care. Afro-inspired styling products also add definition to hair. If you have natural black dreadlocks, this style is an excellent option for men.

Afro wigs and hairpieces are great ways to protect afro hair during winter. Braids, such as box braids, have recently made a comeback in the fashion world, thanks to celebrities like Nipsey Hussle and A$AP Rocky. However, plaits and braids should not be worn by people with certain scalp conditions. Always consult a hairdresser about afro hairstyles before making any decisions about your hairstyle.

The three-level afro is divided into three distinct levels by side parting. The top layer is left long and tapered towards the back and sides, creating a narrow “reverse triangle” effect. This cut looks super flattering on men with square jawlines and sharp features. Texturizing paste can help shape and define the afro. In addition, the afro is kept neat and stylish by brushing it upwards and with a side parting.

Layered afro hairstyles are great for men with refined tastes. They can add style and flair to an otherwise dull haircut. These styles look great on men with thin hair and men with thick kinky hair on top. You can also try cutting your hair to fit your facial features and body shape. 

360 Waves Hairstyle

Men with black hair can opt for a stylish, modern style like 360 waves. These hairstyles are best for black men with short and oval faces. The 360 waves hairstyle requires heavy styling and can be done by wearing a Do-rag overnight. The waves will last for a few weeks, so you should brush them daily to maintain their shape. To get the perfect look, try to find a barber familiar with this type of haircut.

You can try this hairstyle if you have a short curly, kinky mane. It requires time to achieve, but the rewards are great. For best results, you should have hair at least one and a half inches long. Hair that is too short will not form a 360 wave, and long hair will take too long to form waves, which can cause them to be misshaped.

A famous black hairstyle for men, 360 waves is an Afro hairstyle popular among A-listers. It gives the illusion of waves cruising the scalp. Three hundred sixty waves are a good option for people with tight curls, as it requires some effort to achieve the desired look. You can also use a wand to brush your hair evenly. A 360 wave haircut is also called wolfing waves, 720 

waves, or 180 waves.

Buzz Cut 

The buzz cut is one of the most popular black men’s hairstyles. It is a shortcut that takes the hair to the temple without completely balding the head. It is a tremendous all-around hairstyle, suitable for streetwear and sophisticated suits.

Care and Grooming of African American Hairstyles

Men can have various hairstyles, but keeping them well-groomed is essential to maintaining the style. While the unkempt look may be an edgy fashion statement, a man’s hairstyle says a lot about his personality. 

On the other hand, African American men may face a variety of challenges related to their hair. The problem of dryness, breakage, and loss of hair are just some of the challenges they may face.

Natural long curls are one of the most popular haircuts for black men. This hairstyle requires minimal maintenance but requires trimming. Clipping is essential to prevent knots, frizzes, and split ends. Men with long natural hair should inform their stylists about the desired length and layers before undergoing a haircut. Short hairstyles can be low maintenance as long as you visit a salon with an experienced stylist who knows how to care for their style.

Shampoo for black hair should be formulated specifically for men. The average black shampoo is full of sodium lauryl sulfate, a detergent that strips away the natural sebum oil from the scalp. This natural oil is responsible for protecting and holding moisture in your hair, so black men’s shampoo should not contain sulfates. Using a deep conditioner can be helpful if you’re trying to maintain your African American hairstyle.

Another famous black hairstyle for men is a buzz cut. It is easy to do yourself and is a popular DIY style. To achieve a buzz cut, you first need to create a crew cut on the side. The crew cut will remove any excess weight and create a clean finish. Use a balding or zero clipper on the sides. Next, shape up your hair by outlining the contours of your head with a cutthroat razor.

Trends in African American Hairstyles for Men

There are several trends in African American hairstyles for men, from dreadlocks to cornrows. Cornrows are an excellent way to tame naturally curly hair, and a combination of them with a buzz cut looks fantastic on younger guys. Cornrows, or individual plaits, can be as long as you like and can be worn short or long. This versatile style is also efficient.

Another trend in African American hairstyles for men is the side-swept undercut. This look features a deep side part that contrasts with the regular cut. The top hair is parted and layered. Aside from side-swept cuts, top buns are also becoming a popular style lately. The top bun is an exciting variation of this hairstyle and is ideal for creating the opposite effect.

A full-bearded retro high-top is another trendy style. The style is low-maintenance and is very statement-making. The lines at the front and back of the hair are low and line up. The overall effect is a neat, clean style with a natural texture. It is one of the best African-American hairstyles for men.

Regardless of your personality, African American men’s hairstyles can tell you a lot about your appearance and personality. Some men prefer to go au naturel while others prefer to be more fashionable. 

The afro is a classic that never goes out of style. This classic style will enhance your facial features and keep your hair in place. Afros also look clean and neat. The following styles are popular among men.

Can black guys have long hair?

Yes, black guys have long hair. They can choose the Braids to look like Jade smith, making them unique and attractive. On the other hand, the Afro look that black men usually wear has more authenticity, and the black guy looks less maintenance and more style. 

What is the most popular hairstyle for Black men?

The most popular hairstyle for black men is the Afro with Undercut, famous among young black guys. The afro brings the dense look, and the undercut serves as the contrast that offers more clarity and style. 

Final Words

We have provided you with the most popular African-American Hairstyles for Men that you can choose to wear. Moreover, these styles we mentioned are up to the trends and fads of black people. Wear the one that works best for you.