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We are sharing with you the latest hairstyle of Anushka sharma. Here we share the few more important Anushka sharma 2018 hairstyle for girls
1.      Short And Sweet Pixie

First time Anushka shared screen with the hairsplitter Aamir Khan in PK, she made sure everything about her was perfect. This was the first time we saw Anushka in short hair, and we have to admit that we have never seen a sprite so perfect before. This Anushka Sharma haircut had the whole Bollywood vibrant.
2. Wavy Bob
Known for glossy long manes, occasionally do we see the model turned actor turned producer in short dos. But at a recent press conference she showed up wearing her hair is a short lob. The striking proportion about this lob was the twists and turns in her strands which flawlessly framed her face. Also take a moment to admire Anushka Sharma’s hair color in this one.

3. Side Bun

With hair swept at the back from a deep side partition, the arrangement of Anushka’s hair style in a side bun is interesting. What is remarkable about this hair do is the feathered consistency of her professionally styled bun tied for a photoshoot. With this kind of a hair style you have enough room to wear your diamond studs, and that’s exactly what the actors is spectacular on her ears.

4. Carelessly Beautiful

This moment captured from Anushka Sharma’s life motivates some serious research, no I am serious. Her carelessly messed up curls are cut short unevenly and parted at the side. I don’t think she has spent even one single moment combing them, and that makes this edgy look all the more interesting.

5. Clean Swept

Anushka Sharma’s hair secret lies in its simplicity. In an event the actress turned up rocking the most impeccable middle partition in the history of cultivation. Do you see that not a single strand of hair is out of the lane? Clearly, Anushka has used some major hair gel to keep the hair tight and sleek. Her face looks vibrant and undisturbed by peripheries unlike the other looks. And because she keeps her hair, make up and dress simple, the chunky pair of earrings grab all the attention. Not sure if that was the purpose of keeping it simple.

6. Pouf Ponytail

All right people, look who we have here at Koffee with Karan! Yes this is Anushka rocking her brand new lips. Well, she had been denying the plastic surgery rumors and credits the change in appearance to make up, but girl, who are you even kidding? We got training from the Kardashians and we can tell what is plastic, and what is make up. Anyhow, bringing the focus back to hairstyles, is that pouf a ‘hashtag’ goal or what? While the hair has been secured in a low pony, that pouf does add an inch or two to her height and brings a lot of signature to the look.
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