Horrific Hauntings : A Demon House in Springfield, Louisiana

A.J. and Jeanine set out on a search to find a house that they would be able to purchase with the money they had saved. The couple had been living in Jeanine’s parent’s home for a long time because of financial issues and after saving enough money, they decided it was the right time to move out. They were able to find a house that met all their requirements and fit into their budget. This house had a perfect floor plan to accommodate their sons and since it was a foreclosed house, its price was much lower than its market value. But, as the house had remained closed for quite some time, the family had to do some work before they could move in. Despite this downside, the couple ended up buying the house. Thus, in the September of 2013, Jeanine, A.J., and their two sons Hunter and Gage moved into their new property without knowing that their dream house was going to make their worst nightmare become true.

Just a couple of days after moving in, Jeanine started noticing strangeness in the house. Within a couple of months, Jeanine had her first violent paranormal experience in the house but A.J. did not seem to believe her claims. With the creepiness growing with every passing day, A.J. finally started taking his wife’s claims seriously when he saw a closed door behind him open and slam shut by itself. When Jeanine tried using a recorder to know what the evil entity in their new house haunted, she heard a demonic voice say, “She will die” in the recording. This made her understand that all it needed was her life. The family eventually discovered that their house was used for demon-summoning rituals. They tried cleansing the house but it lead to Jeanine getting possessed by the demon in their house.

After living with her parents for a really long time because of financial issues, Jeanine and her husband A.J. finally decided to move out of their house in Springfield, Louisiana. The couple set out on a search to find a house that they would be able to purchase with the money they had saved. In their search, they found a house that met all their requirements. The house had a perfect floor plan and it was located in Springfield as well. Also, since it was a foreclosed house, its price was much lower than its market value.

 The house, however, had one major downside. As it had remained closed for quite some time, the family had to do some work before they could move in but despite this downside, the couple ended up buying the house. Also, A.J. bought a camper van along with the house for the family to stay during the renovation of their new house. Thus, in the September of 2013, Jeanine, A.J., and their two sons Hunter and Gage moved into their new property without knowing that their dream house would turn out to be their worst nightmare.

A Benign Beginning of the Paranormal

 A couple of days after moving in, with A.J. out at work, Jeanine decided to paint their new house. While she was painting one of the rooms while listening to her favourite song on the radio, the radio suddenly stopped playing. When Jeanine walked towards the radio to check what was wrong, she noticed that the radio was turned off.

 This confused Jeanine as to turn off this radio, one had to push a button but Jeanine was the only one in the house and she had not pushed this button. Although confused, she turned on the radio again and went back paint only for the radio to turn off again. This completely freaked Jeanine out and being a woman with heart issues who had a major reliance on medications, the fear almost killed her.

Almost a month after they moved in, the couple decided to throw a birthday party in their house for Gage’s birthday and Jeanine’s mother Beverly came to the house to help with the decorations. Realizing that she had forgotten to get soda cans for the party, Jeanine left for the store leaving Beverly all alone in the house. As Beverly continued her decorations, she started hearing faint sounds as if someone invisible was moving around her. Beverly did not think much about these sounds initially but the moment she saw someone stand behind her in her peripheral, she fled out of the house in fear.

 When Jeanine returned, she saw her mother stand out of the house and her body language indicated that she was extremely terrified. When Jeanine asked her what happened, she told her that someone else was in the house with a worried face. Jeanine had not seen her mother that petrified before. She walked into the house to investigate but she did not find anything that justified her mother’s claims. When she told A.J. about this, he just blamed it on her mother’s habit of watching too many horror movies.

The First Violent Attack

 One night, when Jeanine was all alone in the house washing the dishes, she felt a breeze of cold air suddenly hit her neck. The windows around her were completely shut and she did not understand from which opening this breeze came. Although the strangeness got on her nerves, she continued washing the dishes. A couple of minutes later, she felt something poke her hard and it caused her to drop the dish she was holding in her hand. When she turned around to see who it was, she found no one. This petrified Jeanine and her heart started racing.

 As Jeanine stood near the washing basin trying to gather herself up, she felt someone pull her hair very hard but there was no one around her. She immediately sprinted out of the house in fear, entered the camper van parked outside and shut its door close. It was then she noticed that she had left her heart medication back in the house. With her heart racing and her consciousness slowly fading, she ran back into the house to take her medicines. Luckily, she was not confronted by anything while she was taking her medications and the moment she swallowed her pills, she rushed back to the camper van. When A.J. returned, Jeanine told him what had happened but he thought that she was making it up as being alone in a large old house was new for her.

An invisible “friend”

 A few days later, when Jeanine was folding clothes in her room, she heard Hunter talking to someone in his room. That day, the only ones in the house were Jeanine, Gage and Hunter. With Gage playing outside, Jeanine did not understand to whom Hunter was speaking. Thus, to get an answer, she slowly tip-toed towards Hunter’s room and asked him who he was talking to. Hunter who was talking to an empty space until then told Jeanine that he was talking to his “friend”.

 Saying this, he started staring back at the empty space and gestured as if he was listening to this “friend”. When Jeanine asked him what this “friend” told him, Hunter, told his mom that the “friend” said that he would hurt Jeanine if Hunter did not befriend him. Jeanine fell short of breath hearing this but with her best efforts, she controlled her fear and walked back to her room without letting her son know she was scared.

A.J. Validates

 With winter approaching, Jeanine called her father Jeff to help her with taking the winter clothes out of the attic. The moment Jeff entered the house, Jeanine told him about the strange things happening in the house but her sceptical father did not believe her. As Jeff walked back from the attic with the winter clothes, he noticed that the rosary on the door handle beside Jeanine was swinging like a pendulum. When he leaned in to take a closer look, the rosary abruptly stopped.

 As Jeff stood there trying to come up with an explanation, he started hearing heavy stomping sounds come from the attic above him. Jeff initially thought it was his mind playing tricks on him but when he saw the fear in the eyes of his daughter, he understood that it was not just him hearing the sound. The stomping caused pictures to fall off the walls and plaster fell off the ceiling like raindrops. Jeff snapped and shouted, “Show yourself!” in anger which caused the stomping to stop and the house was filled with an eerie silence.

 The very next moment, Jeanine felt intense burning on her back and she felt as if something was burning her from the inside. Seeing his daughter point to her back while suffering in pain, Jeff slightly pulled up her t-shirt. As he kept pulling it up, his face grew pale because of what he saw. He saw three deep claw marks on his daughter’s back and it was causing her a lot of pain. Worried about her kids’ safety, Jeanine sent them to stay with their grandparents for a couple of days.

 When A.J. returned home, Jeanine showed him the scratch marks on her back but he concluded that Jeanine must have brushed against nails while working in the house. This led to an argument between the couple and as they kept arguing, the door near A.J. opened on its own and shut close. This completely freaked him out and he started believing his wife’s claims.

 A.J. and Jeanine decided that hanging religious relics around the house would stop the paranormal activity in it. Thus, A.J. went around the house hanging crucifixes while Jeanine followed him with an open Bible in her hand. When A.J. was hanging a crucifix on the kitchen door, Jeanine placed her Bible on the kitchen table and went to hold the ladder A.J. was standing on. The moment A.J. got down from the ladder after hanging the crucifix, the kitchen lights went out and he started hearing a crackling sound behind him. When he turned to see what was causing this sound, he saw Jeanine’s open bible vibrate on the kitchen table. Then vibration kept getting stronger with every passing second and within a minute, the Bible levitated above the table and closed. Hearing the Bible slam, the couple rushed out of the house in horror. The couple started staying in their camper van after this incident and feared getting back into the house.

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“She Will Die”

 A couple of days later, with the boys back from their grandparents’ house, Jeanine decided to put a cassette recorder on the kitchen table with the hopes of picking something useful. Thus, after locking her boys inside the camper van, Jeanine mustered all her courage, ran into the house, placed the recorder on the kitchen table and rushed back out.

 Almost half an hour later, she ran back into the house and retrieved the recorder. The recording was silent for quite some time but a low demonic growl followed this silence. All of a sudden, she heard this demonic voice say, “She will die”. Jeanine finally understood what the dark entity in her house wanted. It wanted her life.

A Huge Pentagram on the floor

 A week after this incident, one afternoon, Jeanine was hanging the washed clothes on the clothesline and her sons were playing on the porch. Noticing that the voice of her sons was slowly moving away from her, Jeanine turned towards the porch to see what they were doing. Seeing her sons run into the house, she started shouting at them asking them to stop but they just wouldn’t listen. Although scared to get back into the house, she went into it looking for her sons. Their voice led her into one of the upstairs bedrooms but when she entered the bedroom, she found no one.

 Before she could leave the room, she felt something invisible hold her firmly in place. This invisible entity lifted her off the floor, threw her back to the floor face-first and pinned her down. Jeanine felt as if something extremely heavy was lying down on her with its hands holding hers and it was making it hard for her to breathe. A demonic voice whispered “look under” in Jeanine’s ears. With a lot of effort, she gripped a corner of the carpet under her and tore it off. The moment she did it, the entity pinning her down, released her. When Jeanine got back on her feet and looked at what was under the carpet, she ran out of the house as she felt something dark take control of her.

When she finally exited the house, she saw A.J. and the boys near the camper van. She ran towards A.J. and asked him to go to the bedroom upstairs and take a look. A.J. calmed her down, gave her the heart medications and walked to the bedroom his wife told him. He noticed that a piece of the carpet was torn off and the bare wooden flooring that was left behind had satanic symbols carved into it. He immediately tore the rest of the carpet and underneath it was a large pentagram with satanic symbols encircling it. It appeared as if someone had summoned a demon into this bedroom. A.J. immediately ran out of the house and called the local minister asking him for help.

The Possession

 The minister was able to sense the evil in the house the moment he arrived. With A.J. and Jeanine accompanying him, the minister went around the house reciting the verses in the Bible and sprinkling Holy water. As he was cleansing the house, Jeanine started to feel sick and her heart started racing. A.J. took her aside, made her sit down on a chair and went back to help the minister. Jeanine felt her chest tighten up and she started falling short of breath. Jeanine felt darkness slowly take control of her and she eventually blacked out.

 About an hour later, after the minister finished the cleansing, A.J. checked on Jeanine. She looked completely worn out and A.J. decided to take her to her parents’ house. He helped her get into the car and started driving. On their way, A.J. asked Jeanine how she was doing multiple times but she just wouldn’t reply. This made A.J. mad and he asked her the same question authoritatively. The moment he finished asking it, Jeanine swiftly lifted her head and started looking dead at him. A.J. saw her eyes turn black and with a deep demonic voice she said, “I’m fine”. A.J. understood that his wife was possessed and he started driving as fast as he could.

The Exorcism

 Jeanine’s parents were waiting at the doorstep for them to arrive and the moment they reached their house, Jeanine was taken inside and the minister was called. Jeff noticed that despite her body being really cold, her pulse seemed to be fine. When Beverly asked her what was wrong, Jeanine’s eyes turned black yet again and just like before, she said, “I’m fine” in a demonic voice. The family decided to read Bible verses until the minister’s arrival and while they read the verses, Jeanine suddenly came back to her senses and told the family that the demon was inside her.

 When the minister finally arrived, he immediately noticed that the demon was inside Jeanine herself. With A.J. and Jeff holding her down, the minister started performing an exorcism. Jeanine started shaking violently, her eyes turned black again and she started making demonic growls. With the minister putting a cross on her head with Holy Oil and her family members calling out her name, Jeanine’s eyes slowly became normal again and she came back to her senses. Jeanine was finally free of the Demon. The couple ended up moving out of the house with their sons in January 2014.