How to do Korean Eye Makeup? Key Steps & Guide 

Generally, eye makeup is the most common and central part of our makeup. It makes us look more attractive. But mostly, people like to do Korean eye makeup. Koreans prefer using pencil liners to give their eyes a more soft and natural look. The ‘puppy eye’ look is the trend in Korea, which is slightly slanted towards the end of the eyes. Most Koreans use sweet and natural colors. Now do you want to know; How To Do Korean Eye Makeup?

I love to do Korean eye makeup but never knew how to do it. I took some tips from my friend to do Korean eye makeup on my eyes. She teaches me and knows I am too good to do Korean eye makeup, and this guide will provide a complete guide for beginners and Korean makeup enthusiasts. 

How to do Korean Eye Makeup Guide For Beginners?

As a beginner, you can follow these quick and straightforward steps to do Korean eye makeup in the best possible way.

  1. Make even base
  2. Choose basic shades to apply. 
  3. Define your crease properly.
  4. Deepen your crease.
  5. Add your eyeliner.
  6. Blend your eyeliner
  7. Plum up your lashes
  8. You are done.

How Do Koreans Use Eyeliner?

Eyeliner plays a vital role in Korean eye makeup, as Korean makeup is all about looking natural. The main thing in their makeup is using eyeliner, but most use pencil eyeliners. They apply white eyeliner under the inner eyes and around the deep groove to give a more rounded ground effect.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Like Korean?

Koreans mostly do their eye makeup on the upper and lower lash line. Apply a soft shimmery medium brown shade to the upper lash line and softly blend it with the silver eyeshadow. The shimmer applied to the center of the eyelid can be gradually spread out around the eye. It helps the eyes look brighter.

How To Do A Natural Korean Eye Makeup?

To make Korean eye makeup look more neutral and natural, use sweet and soft eye shadows such as brown and rose pink, which would make our complexion more attractive and best. Brown is usually recommended for beginners as it is a fail-proof shade almost universally flattering. Most people use pink because it is a natural and sweet color; it will give you a glam look. And you will look more pretty.

Why Is Korean Makeup So Good?

Koreans only use natural and harsh-free ingredients to look precise, fresh, glowy, and natural-looking skin. Koreans try homemade face mask remedies for the best glow. They apply cucumber masks, tomato masks, and many more to have a natural glow on their skin. If you want to look good, then makeup products matter the most and try to use the best quality makeup.

 Tips for Korean Beauty Secret

  • Clean your face with cleansing oil. Cleaning your face with cleansing oil will remove dirt and impurities.
  • Double clean with the gentle foaming cleanser
  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Apply toner
  • Apply Essence
  • Apply ampoule
  • Apply serum
  • Apply sheet mask


Korean eye makeup techniques are the most popular all over the world. Korean girls spend a lot of money on their makeup products. Especially if they want to do the best eye makeup, they buy expensive eyeshadow kits. Their makeup is incomplete without eyeliner. They look to make their eyes look puppyish and brighter also.