How To Set Makeup Without Powder? Quick Tips & Guide

Powders are usually made for excess oil from your face because your skin is a porous surface and produces oil. Usually, we use face powder to make our makeup last longer without melting it. What if you don’t have it like I didn’t have it recently? All of us want to know; How To Set Makeup Without Powder.

I have dry skin, so I don’t powder my entire face. I brush a little on my oil lines. Therefore, (most people want some shine on their nose) and leave their cheeks powder-free. In this guide, you will learn how to make foundation last without powder and complete tips later in the article. 

How can I achieve makeup setting without the use of powder?

When the powder isn’t available to set my makeup, I follow a specific routine to ensure my skin stays fresh and doesn’t require any setting powder.

I start by thoroughly preparing my skin and cleansing it with a water-based cleanser.

After cleansing, I apply a mixture of moisturizer and serum. This combination leaves my skin well-hydrated, covering any dry patches.

Once the moisturizer has absorbed into my skin, my face is primed for a flawless finish. I then apply a silicone-based primer to smooth out any facial imperfections and minimize the appearance of pores. This primer not only creates a perfect canvas for makeup but also helps control excess oil, preventing clogged pores.

When I find myself without powder, I opt for creamy makeup products to keep my skin looking fresh and moisturized simultaneously.

To ensure a crease-free look, I use a beauty sponge to absorb any excess makeup, eliminating the need for setting powder. A pro tip is to dab the sponge gently rather than rubbing it on your face for the best results.

How To Make Foundation Last without Powder?

Using powder after foundation depends on your skin type. If you have oily skin, it’s better to set your foundation. It will control your skin oil; therefore, you don’t want to use a powder if you have dry skin.

What Can We Use Instead Of Using Powder Foundation?

You can use a setting spray to seal your makeup and make it look fresh all day. Some people use translucent powder instead of spray; if you are set on using powder to set your foundation, avoid having heavy matte powder.

Wearing Liquid Foundation Without Powder?

 Suppose you have oily skin or want to be able to touch up your makeup throughout the day. The weightless feel of today’s powders allows you to provide your skin with a fresh and glam look all day.

Can I use Talcum Powder Instead of Setting Powder?

If you run out of loose or setting powder, you can use talcum powder to set the base. Take a blush brush and swipe talcum powder all over your face and neck. It will mattify your face and take away any shine.

Tips To Set Your Makeup Without Powder:

  • Do not use setting powder if you are dry. It can make your face look worse, so you should use a product to help your skin look smooth and hydrated.
  • Use primer on your skin; if you have oily skin, it will make your makeup long-lasting all day.
  • If you don’t want to use a powder, then a blotting paper is used to access oil from your face. 
  • Do a daily skincare routine if you want a fresh look.
  • Typically, people have oily skin, and sometimes they don’t want to apply powder, they also want to make their makeup long-lasting with a matte look to make their skin oil-free


You can create a flawless look without powder. But if, in any case, you don’t want to use setting powder, use a setting spray and makeup products for a long-lasting and fresh look all day. I have described every possible way that you can use instead of powder.