How to Wear a Vest? || A Complete Guide to the Waistcoat

Wearing a vest is a great alternative for people who can’t stand wearing jackets or coats. It makes you look good and feel cool without the extra bulk on your shoulders. But, how to wear a vest? A lot of men are not sure whether they should go with a waistcoat styled vest or something like a bomber jacket. Here are some ideas on how to wear vest best:

1. Wearing vest with shirt and tie

Wearing vest with shirt and tie

This look is maybe more appropriate for someone who works in an office environment. There’s nothing wrong with having fun with fashion but if you work somewhere formal it might not be that great idea to wear your boyfriend vest or your leather vest at the office, even though you might think that it will show your creative side. Keep it clean and simple – vest, white shirt, and tie. For a more casual vest-based outfit just skip the tie part.

2. Wearing a vest with a sweater

Wearing a vest with a sweater

If you don’t like wearing a vest with dress shirts or turtlenecks or just want something different then try wearing your vest over an oversized sweater instead of a shirt underneath. This is perfect for wintertime; you will stay warm but look cool at the same time! 

3. Wearing vest with jeans

Jeans are still one of the men’s favorite pieces of clothing to wear not only because they are comfortable but also go well with pretty much anything (except some super formal occasions). If you’re out on weekends jean vest is probably the best way to go. Since a vest is not really known to be the most formal piece of clothing you can combine it with jeans and a bomber jacket or leather vest for instance and still look fine. You can wear a vest over a shirt too; this way, the vest will stay in place all night long. We discuss the menswear collection in our other article, have a look. 

5. Wearing a vest with a suit

Wearing a vest with a suit

How to wear a vest with a suit? A vest is probably the only item that goes well with every single suit out there, whether you prefer slim fitted or boxy style one when it comes to suits. It’s just something about vests – they add some extra touch to any outfit and keep things interesting for everyone around you. We’re talking here about more formal occasions, so skip the vest with jeans and wear it over a shirt or turtleneck instead.

6. Wearing vest without anything under

You don’t have to wear a vest over something else all the time, you can experiment by wearing a vest as an outfit on its own. It’s a good idea for parties, concerts, or any other event where you want to go for something more casual but still stand out from the crowd. You can belt your vest for instance so that it fits your waist perfectly and adds some extra color to your look. Keep in mind that you should always leave the last button undone if there is no scarf involved (if there is then leave buttons three and four undone). Check this article for more information: How to tie a scarf.

How to wear a vest?

7. Wearing a vest over a shirt

This is the vest equivalent of the shirt and tie look, but it doesn’t have to be something you wear only in an office environment. It’s a great way to upgrade your style so if you’re not a big fan of wearing shirts with collars underneath your vest then try doing exactly the opposite. Tuck your vest into some slim pants or even into high-rise jeans, keep the vest completely buttoned up and throw on a denim jacket for that extra cool touch. This can be an especially good idea if you’re feeling kind of bored by usual fashion rules – always experiment especially when it comes to fashion!

8. Wear vest with matching belt

A lot of men are afraid they won’t look good wearing a vest because they usually don’t go together with accessories. Well, that’s not exactly true – the vest goes great with belts especially when you choose ones in the same color, braided leather makes this vest-shirt combination looks even better!

9. Layers are always a good idea

You can wear a vest over a shirt or turtleneck for instance or just put it on by itself. If the weather is cold before you decide how to dress make sure to check your forecast and plan your outfit accordingly so that you will be warm enough while staying stylish at the same time. Layer up! If the vest is too much for “coldish” temperatures then try wearing a vest under a coat instead of outerwear. The vest won’t keep you warm but it has pockets that will make your life easier when you need to carry cash or phone around.

Layers are always a good idea

Wearing a vest with the coat is the science of its own, let’s get back to the vest itself for now! If the vest is not your thing but you are looking for something “in-between”, try wearing a waistcoat instead. Waistcoats aren’t exactly vests but they are also not fully formal pieces of clothing either so in that way they’re similar – just more stylish and perfect in warmer months since you can wear them without anything underneath.

You can choose different styles, colors, and materials depending on what kind of vest you want to wear (a belt/suspenders combo adds some extra cool touch). There is no real rule when comes to how to wear a vest so wear it however you want! The vest itself is a great addition to any outfit, all you have to do is to find the best way of wearing it.

10. Vests with the top button undone will always look good

It’s not necessary to wear a belt if the vest has one or two buttons left undone at the end since the vest looks better without them (belts shouldn’t be worn over vests). Always make sure your vest fits you perfectly – if it’s too tight then leave buttons three and four undone, if it’s loose then only undo the last one. Experimenting is half of the fun so don’t be afraid to try out different things with a vest even when it comes to styles like tucking it in jeans, knotting it with a scarf, or throwing on a vest over a shirt. The vest is a great addition to any outfit!

How to wear a vest?

11. It’s all about shoes

Even though a vest can be worn with pretty much anything, shoes are still extremely important when it comes to the final result of your look. When wearing a vest make sure that the rest of your outfit doesn’t mimic it too much (if you choose a vest in brown color don’t wear the rest of the pieces in the same color).

When the vest is light, keep everything else dark. If the vest is dark, neutral colors like white/grey work best since they won’t distract from the vest. The last but not least thing no matter what kind of outfit you’re choosing for day night time always remember not to wear a vest over jacket – it’s just too bulky to look good.


This is all when comes to how to wear a vest! The vest is a great addition to any outfit so experiment, have fun, and choose a vest in different styles, colors, and materials. The vest is a practical piece of clothing that works great for both everyday looks and special occasions. Make sure you always check your forecast before deciding what kind of vest you’re going up with since it has pockets which means you’ll be able to carry cash around but the vest won’t keep you warm on its own.