How to Prevent Makeup Foundation from Cracking? Quick Guide

How to Prevent Makeup Foundation from Cracking

The essential part of makeup many women overlook, which causes the makeup foundation to crack, ensures moisture on the skin. Due to aging and lack of moisture, your makeup may also show splits and fine buildup lines across your face. A seasonal transition like ‘summer to winter’ plays a vital role in the unsettling makeup … Read more

Is Makeup a Hobby? Is Fashion a Hobby

Is Makeup a Hobby

A hobby is an activity you do during your leisure time for fun or pleasure. With this, Makeup is a very creative hobby. Not everyone is capable enough to adopt this hobby. Like painting, Makeup is also an art. Your passion for ‘makeup’ as a hobby is the ultimate test. But not all people consider; … Read more

How to do Korean Eye Makeup? Key Steps & Guide 

How to do Korean Eye Makeup

Generally, eye makeup is the most common and central part of our makeup. It makes us look more attractive. But mostly, people like to do Korean eye makeup. Koreans prefer using pencil liners to give their eyes a more soft and natural look. The ‘puppy eye’ look is the trend in Korea, which is slightly … Read more

Does Makeup Expire? What to do with Expired Makeup?

Does Makeup Expire

My worst experience of using expired makeup was that I didn’t know that makeup would also expire. I have been using all my makeup products for many years, but I didn’t know I was using expired makeup on my face. The night my friend visited my home, she used my makeup to apply my foundation … Read more

Black Girl Hairstyles : Hairstyles Ideas in 2023

Black Girl Hairstyles

A braided bun is an easy but elegant hairstyle for young black girls. A simple twist on a classic bun adds a fun flair. A braided bun is a great choice for young black girls with thick, curly hair. Although this type of hairstyle requires some time to create, this hairstyle is a surefire winner. … Read more

How to Become a Makeup Artist? (Step by Step Guide)

How to Become a Makeup Artist?

If you have a passion for makeup, you can learn how to become a makeup artist by pursuing special effects or celebrity makeovers. This type of work involves a different set of skills and requires specialized training. In addition to creating the perfect look for your client, you will be responsible for putting their appearance … Read more

How To Use Makeup Cloth? Detailed Guide 

How To Use Makeup Cloth

Makeup remover clothes are used to remove makeup from our faces, which can be washed and reused. Makeup remover clothes are soft fleecy flannel and dense, fluffy fibers, half centimeters long. It helps me remove the makeup. So the question arises; How To Use Makeup Cloth? I have been using makeup remover cloth since last … Read more

How Does living a Healthy Lifestyle Demonstrate a Growth Mindset? 

How does living a healthy lifestyle demonstrate a growth mindset

Growing up, I always thought that being a healthy person was just a matter of eating right and exercising. I never took the time to learn about different mindset types, so I am surprised that living a healthy lifestyle impacts my growth mindset.  It’s not easy to change the way you think, something that I … Read more

5 Best Tips for choosing a beauty salon for your Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup

Weddings are one of the most important days in any couple’s life and while the overwhelming arrangement can give any bride all the “butterflies and jitters” it is equally possible to blow away your groom with that official “first look.” “Bridal Makeup” artists and hairstylists play a huge role in curating your entire bridal makeup … Read more