Preparing for Ladakh Trip


Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions in my blog on the way to Ladakh. In order to answer your questions regarding the planning of a successful trip to Ladakh, I am now beginning this five-article sery of Ladakha FAQ.


Instead of repeating repeated replies in the comment section of various blog articles on that website it’ll be simple for me to redirect you to the right question and its answer in these articles.


I will also continue updating this Leh Ladakh FAQ series with new questions if I did not answer them and keep my replies up-to-date on the preparation for a trip to Ladakh.


Preparing for Ladakh Trip

Ladakh is a place of high altitude in trans Himalayas, and the Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is always on the card when you visit Ladakh. The majority of people have a certain mild and few severe symptoms of AMS wisely or unknowingly. It’s biology; if you don’t follow the basics of acclimation, you can not defeat them and trick them into giving time and let the body adjust to altitude changes.


People can generally reach 8000 feet without a lot of mountain disease problems. The barometric pressure begins to decrease as you begin to increase altitude, thus reducing the oxygen intake by breath. Therefore, people begin to get AMS because the body does not adapt to high altitude changes.


  • Step by step increase altitude
  • Hold your body hydrated properly
  • AVOID overhydration Avoid high altitude sleeping
  • Avoid excessive exercise
  • Avoid smoking, tobacco, alcohol and other drogues
  • Stay warm to your body
  • Eat lots of carbon dioxide
  • Avoid sleep during the day, if possible, sleep upright
  • Carry AMS medicines for prevention
  • Small carry oxygen kit


The best cure is to settle down or acclimatize. If you feel that the person is severely suffering, ask him to walk in a straight line with his toe. If the person cannot walk in a straight line, he has ataxia, i.e. DESCENDED IMMEDIATELY!!


person with asthma visit Ladakh?


Asthma problems people are generally accepted on behalf of the cleansing of the air and reduced pollution to Ladakh or other places of high altitude. The primary cause of asthma is contamination and dust mites that are a common allergy. They do not exist at high altitudes.


Thus, people with asthma problems in Ladakh are believed to be okay. The article on Pre-existing Medical Conditions at high altitude provides you with information about it.


That being said, I’m not a doctor, so please do not take my advice for medical advice and consult your doctor. You MUST consult your doctor before you travel to Leh Ladakh high altitude region.


Can anyone visit Ladakh with high blood pressure or high blood pressure?


This one is difficult because many variables are used for blood pressure control. Generally, with or without medication, people with controlled blood pressure at low altitudes do well at high altitude. Nevertheless, you should not ignore a consulting physician.


Normally your blood pressure will increase when you reach high altitudes due to the lack of oxygen in your body that infuses stress and adrenalin. For some time the higher blood pressure decreases, when your body is acclimatized to rarified oxygen, generally at 1 or 2 weeks of high altitude. However, you should not change any of the dosages you already take in your doctor’s consultation.


Therefore, you MUST consult your doctor before making a call to Leh Ladakh if you experience hypertension or high blood pressure. The article on Pre-existing Medical Conditions at high altitude provides you with information about it.


Once again, I am not a doctor and do not take my advice as medical advice. Please consult your doctor, please. You MUST consult your doctor before you travel to Leh Ladakh high altitude region.


Take the Leh Ladakh trip to my 2-3 year-old kid?


It is up to each individual to take children under the age of five because AMS does not affect the age, gender or fitness. I’ll say that it could be for anybody of any age, sex or fitness.


I’m not going to take a child under the age of five to high-altitude locations like Leh Ladakh, and I’m going to wait for them to get older. You MUST remember that Leh Ladakh isn’t a family or leisure destination, no matter how much they sell. It is a destination for adventures and will always remain so. Adventure always carries a risk, and with such a little child or kid I will not take any risk.

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