Top 5 Himalayan Treks for Beginners



The stunning Himalayas known for its dramatic topography, surreal valleys and the greatness of mountains is what makes this place exquisite in its own way. You enjoy the multicultural aspects of Indian Himalayas offering a divine trek through evergreen meadows, alpine lakes, snow capped mountains and a lot more that looks extremely divine when you go through it. It is rich in its flora and fauna where you get to see a lot in the midst of its greeneries. 

Himalayan treks are mainly meant for those who are experienced but if you are a beginner then there are a number of alluring trails that will appeal to you and you can go there without any fear. So if you are an amateur and are looking for easy Himalayan treks then there are a number of treks you can go on to experience the thrill of mountain hiking. All you require is confidence in you and the strength to overcome your fears. 

  • Kedarkantha Trek 

Maximum Altitude: 12,500 ft

Duration: 6 days

Trekking level: Easy-Moderate

Best time to visit: December to April 

Starting point: Sankri

Kedarkantha trek is meant for beginners where you enjoy the snow delight of Uttarakhand. It is said that Lord Shiva meditated here and hence Kedarkantha translates from Throat of Lord Shiva. It is also believed that Juda Ka Talab the alluring campsite was formed from the water droplets that are connected with Lord Shiva’s hair drops. Apart from this mythological significance you enjoy here the jaw dropping views, glimpse of mountains with landscapes which are extravagant in each kind of season and what more? It will take you through the sparkly snowy paths, stretched meadows along with exotic floras and pine forests covered with shiny snow giving you an ultimate thrill. So for beginners Kedarkantha trek is a big delight to go for. 

  • Valley of Flowers Trek 

Maximum Altitude: 14,010 ft

Duration: 6 days

Trekking level: Easy

Best time to visit: July – September

Starting point: Joshimath

Valley of Flowers trek is another great trek for beginners where one passes through a variety of flora giving a sense of delight. It is one of the oldest Indian treks recognized by UNESCO Heritage Site in 2002. The trek is located in the Western Himalayas in Uttarakhand offering the rare exotic species of flora which include poppy, sedum, lilies, calendula, daisies and much more. The trek is not only known for its gorgeous flowers species but also offers the great Pushpahawati river along with a number of glaciers and waterfalls on the way to climb. You pass through dense forests giving although more thrill and fun to your journey. So beginners get ready to pack yourself for this beautiful walk in heaven stretching over kilometers. 

  • Beas Kund 

Maximum Altitude: 12,772 ft

Duration: 3 days

Trekking level: Easy-Moderate

Best time to visit: June to September

Starting/ending point: Manali

Beas kund trek nestled in the Pir Panjal ranges is the most famous and beautiful trek around Manali. The beautiful blue emerald like alpine lake will definitely gonna touch your heart as you trek through it. And the best part of this trek is the lush green grasslands of Bakarthach and Dhundhi where you will get a glimpse of Beas river originating from Beas Kund. 

What makes the perfect trek for beginners is its pristine views of glaciers, alpine meadows and the mighty Himalayan ranges accompanied by rigorous trekking on high altitude. 

  • Brahmatal Trek 

Maximum Altitude: 12,150 ft

Duration: 6 days

Trekking level: Moderate

Best time to visit: September- April

Starting/ending point: Lohajung

Brahmatal trek is known for its variety of mountain views covered with snow. It is a snowy Himalayan trek with two majestic glacial lakes namely Brahamtal and Bekaltal lakes. The Brahmatal lake got its name from Lord Brahma who meditated here and the special feature of this lake is it remains frozen throughout the year. Another major attraction in Brahmatal trek are the peaks of Nanda Devi, Mt Trishul and Mt Kamet offering spectacular views. The trek is moderate level because of its low gradual incline. 

  • Hampta Pass 

Maximum Altitude: 14,010 ft

Duration: 5 days

Trekking level: Easy- Moderate

Best time to visit: June – October

Starting/ending point: Manali

Hampta pass trek is another popular trek for beginners over the Himalayas. The lush green Kullu valley and barren landscape of Lahaul are the major attractions of this trek. The trek is considered one of the easiest as well as convenient  from all of the Himalayan treks which will take you to the pristine mountains of Himachal Pradesh. And what makes this trek more exciting is the belief that Pandavas took this trek route in quest of heaven in Mahabharata. 


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