Does Makeup Expire? What to do with expired makeup?

My worst experience of using expired makeup was that I didn’t know that makeup would also expire. I have been using all my makeup products for many years, but I didn’t know I was using expired makeup on my face. The night my friend visited my home, she used my makeup to apply my foundation and noticed the color was very different; when she applied it, her skin looked utterly different. But most people don’t know about the expiration of makeup. This guide is for all those curious people who have a query: Does Makeup Expire?

In this guide, I will explain expired makeup and how you will know about expired makeup. Moreover, you will get to know about what we should do to the expired makeup later in the article.

How do you know that You Are Using Expired Makeup?

Yes, makeup does expire. Generally, when you place your makeup is appropriately stored in a cool and dry place, and the most unopened and completely sealed makeup should last 2 to 3 years. Moreover, the liquid foundation will last 12 months, while mascara and eyeliner can work for three months. Lipsticks and lipliners products generally go for around two years.

  • The product has a unique smell.
  • The texture is changed.
  • The color is off
  • Feels different on your skin.

Does Expired Makeup Still Matter?

Your skin may look damaged if you use expired makeup. It will cause damage, irritation, and redness on your face. Your expired makeup can also start to harbor bacteria; when it becomes prominent on your skin, it will cause acne, and when it comes to your eyes, this bacteria buildup can cause infection and pink eyes. Therefore using expired lipstick causes swelling.

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Does Makeup Expire if Opened?

Generally, if your makeup is appropriately stored in a cool, dry place, most unopened and completely sealed makeup should last for 2 to 3 years. You do not need to worry because those unopened products might be safe to use. Your makeup can go wrong even before the expiration date once it’s been opened.

Does Makeup Expire In The Heat?

Whether you are leaving your makeup in a hot car or a sunny spot, heat will cause makeup to age way before its time. The heat and condensation will cause a breakdown in your makeup. It will create the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to grow, and overheated makeup will damage your skin.

How Can I Protect My Makeup? 

To protect your makeup from expiry, keep it indoors and in a cool and dark place. Most people use a small fridge to keep their makeup in it. Keeping mascara and lipstick in it will give you a fresh look. Forget to keep any fruit and vegetables in it. Make sure that your products are correctly closed, especially lipstick and mascara. If you notice any gooey and sticky texture, then it’s expected that your products will expire.

What should we do with expired makeup?

You should throw the expired ones away. Keep an eye on those makeup expiration dates to know when to replace your products. Products are usually marked with an expiration date or best-before date, meaning the product should be used before.


If makeup is essential, looking for its expiration date is also essential. If you want your skin clear and fresh, keep checking your makeup’s expiration dates. Use imported makeup products to avoid acne and other damage.